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My Favorites!

and so it goes…

who/what is your favorite..
clothing store? forever 21
scent? hotel rooms
direction (left or right)? right
animal? giraffe
holiday? either moon festival or chinese new years
color? lime green and teals
state? michigan or maryland
drink? honeydew frosty with lychee jelly
sport? swimming
president? abraham lincoln
flower? any kind of lily
feeling? the one of accomplishment
day? friday
number? oo7
actor? tom hanks, morgan freeman, or george clooney
actress? liv tyler, emmy rossum, keira knightly or jessica alba
movie? spirited away
second? lord of the ring: the return of the king
teacher? Buddha
type of food? seafood
snack? pickles! (preferably the claussen brand)
flavor of ice cream? homemade vanilla
character? domokun
book? oooh! so hard! either the little princess, the lightning thief, gregor the overlander series, twilight, or the hardy boys series
puzzle? sudoku :]]
politician? barack obama or ron paul
comedian? russell peters
place to hangout? the mall, marble slab, or just any place to eat
brand of camera? canon
sport brand? under armour or speedo
nail polish color? clear or none or green
bed? bunk bed
chair? the beanbag ones
snocone flavor? pina colada
type of music? the unique kind that actually has a meaning
candy? sour please!!
type of movie? action!! or comedy

this was a pretty interesting survey!